sasuke thinks hes cool going from hebi to taka but in swahili taka means garbage so they are really just…


Thursday Sep 9 @ 03:28pm

going away to university on Monday, and I am genuinely concerned about the fact that I will be able to watch Naruto all day e’ery day and therefore, I will not go to class at all

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 05:52pm


Gaara requested by darkknightavenged


Tuesday Jul 7 @ 06:56am

Saturday Jul 7 @ 04:59am

Nagato, forever the awkward third wheel

Sunday Jul 7 @ 08:30pm


"Come here... Pull this seal off"
Sunday Jul 7 @ 08:29pm
Sunday Jul 7 @ 02:25pm

arkadiosb said: If anyone wants to talk to a guy who's respectful, and won't even jokingly ask for nude pictures, feel free to kik me at arkadios I'm all about friendly banter!


Yet all I see is “hey u got kik?”

Sunday Jul 7 @ 12:34pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 06:02pm

Thursday Jul 7 @ 05:59pm
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